All participants accepted into the program will be expected to engage fully in the entire program.   Review the following program expectations to ensure you can abide by all the considerations.  


  1. Be available and willing to devote a minimum of 2-3 days for on-site trainings during select months, and a minimum of 2 days for other months following training.
  2. Be comfortable with disclosing status as a PLWH at the end of the training.
  3. To meet program requirements and to improve our services and offerings, you will be asked to participate in evaluation activities such as brief surveys and/or interviews about your experience in the program.
  4. Work with NMAC and Partners in coordination of follow up mentoring and coaching support.
  5. Inform the training and project team of changes in your availability once you learn of them.

Training and Development

  1. Be comfortable learning, networking and working with diverse groups of people of color and others.
  2. Participate in full day trainings coordinated by the Vanguard Program team.
  3. For the Trainer-of-Trainer (TOT) events, to work collaboratively with a community partner in facilitating or presenting a minimum of 2-3 local trainings based on information learned in the TOT.


  1. Work with NMAC and Partners in coordinating of travel plans for attendance at trainings.
  2. Be available to travel the day before trainings by plane, train or other transportation as agreed upon by you and the project team.
  3. Be willing to do self-guided study and review of lesson plans and information before during and after the trainings.
  4. Each participant will engage at least one (1) regional training.
  5. If interested, express availability for the follow up 4-5 day Trainer-of-Trainer (TOT) event.
  6. Participate in pre-training and post training telecoms and webinars.

Social Media and Networking/Collaboration

  1. Share highlights from the training and distribute using your social media networks.
  2. Coordinate when necessary follow up presentations and workshops in the local community on behalf of PLWH.
  3. Represent the project in local, state and national meetings and events.
  4. Inform the training and project team of changes in your availability once you learn of them.